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Archer Financial Planning is an independent, Fee-Only, financial planning and registered investment advisory firm located in Louisville, KY. We serve clients who are looking for an objective, professional opinion about their current financial circumstances and want help in formulating a plan to achieve their financial goals. Take your time perusing our website; we're glad you're here!

You have come to the right place if… desire working with an Independent, Fee-Only planner. Fee-Only means that we are completely and solely compensated by the clients we serve – no commissions, trails, referral fees or other forms of compensation which might influence our recommendations. recognize the benefits of planning for important goals in your life and want to work with experienced, credentialed professionals to help you get there, employing their services AS YOU NEED THEM without account minimums or sales pressure. Your time is valuable. So just as you schedule attorneys, tax preparers and doctors to help you with the goals you want to accomplish, you desire working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ as needed.

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Remember, you don’t need to have a fortune to start building one!

Lisa Archer, CFP®

The Garrett Planning Network is referenced as a place to find fee-only financial planners in your area.

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‘One size fits all’ doesn’t help the average investor achieve important life goals. Comprehensive financial planning, independent thought, and consistent service are better planning solutions.

Lisa Archer, CFP®

Start with the general practitioner…a Financial Planner (whose) compensation should be from fees alone.

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